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Soothing, Mineral Bath Soak, 16oz


If you like relaxing in a warm luxurious tub of skin softening water, then you'll love reclining in a tub of warm water with our silky bath soak. We designed this to pamper you as it removes dry skin cells, hydrates and softens your body to its' caressable best.  

Use: 1 or 2 hands full of bath soak in a  tub of warm to hot water. Submerge and relax  10-15 minutes.

Ingredients: Bicarb of soda, citric acid, sucrose, epsom salts, oatmeal, kayolin clay, coconut milk, coconut oil, witch hazel, polysorbate 80, fragrance and colorant.

Caution: Oils make surfaces slippery.