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Fizzies & Soaks

Bath bombs, fizzies and melts are all made with varying amounts of the same ingredients but a bath melt gently dissolves in bath water. A fizzie, fizzes and moves around the tub releasing bubbles and fragrance and a bath bomb disburses bubbles fragrance & colors as glides over the water.


We make melts and the ever popular fizzie in 4 sizes: small, regular, large and a jumbo 9oz ball of bath-time fun.


$.99/small-2oz-Childs Bath;    $2.50/regular-3.5oz-Average Bath;


$4.99/large-6oz -Spec'l Occasion;    $7.99/jumbo-1/2lb - for Jumbo Tubs.


Assorted Size Bombs





Bathtime Indulgences

If you like relaxing in a tub of luxury, then you'll love reclining in a tub of warm water with our silky bath soak. We designed this to pamper you as it removes dry skin cells, hydrates and softens your body to its' caressable best.    $6./8oz     10./16oz (1lb)


Body scrubs are made to give the same results when you shower. We have a brown sugar scrub that is delightful! A handful of this on a wet, lathered body will remove the dryness and leave your skin feeling clean and satiny smooth.  $6./8oz  10./16oz  25./3lb


Our polishes are more popular for facial use or full body use in warm weather.  Since we bathe or shower more often when it's hot and humid, fewer dry skin cells accumulate. The items used in our body polishes will gently cleanse and leave your skin feeling soft and lightly moisturized.   $6./8oz    $10./16oz    $25./3lb      

Soaks, Scrubs & Polishes

Body.Foot Soaks

Bath "Tea Bag" Soaks

A real 4 inch square bath "tea bag" filled with muscle relaxing minerals

and skin softening powdered coconut milk as well as a mixture of

floral & fruit "tea". The minerals and milk dissolves  and adds a

luxurious feel to your bath water. The floral and fruit fragrances



Use: Simply toss one of your "tea bags" into warm bath water

and indulge yourself with a real spa experience.


3.5ozs.   $2.50ea. or  buy 4 get 1 free - 5/$10.00

Bath Tea Bags

relax the senses and lingers in the air long after your bath.