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Kids Bath Treats:  Soap n fizzie Cupcake  -  Watermelon soap  -  Popsickle Soap  -  Bubblegum Soap  -  Donut Soap  -  Gingerbread Men Sets


            Bath Cream Sundae  -  Bath Cream Soda  -  2 or 3.5 oz Bath Bombs  -  Kids Creamy Lotion  -  Soap n Puff Set  -  Soap n Soak Sets

We purposely design our children's bath products to appeal to them, that's why they look like bright, colorful, sweet treats such as thse Soap n Fizzie Cupcakes.

       The "cake" bottom is a bath fizzie that softens and colors the water as it floats and                  fizzes in the tub. The "frosting" is actually a firm swirl of coconut milk soap in kid friendly colors and scents. These beneficial bath products look real, but they are actually moist-urizing bath treats for young skin. They make great gifts that can provide a fun or relaxing bath-time experience for any child.  The mini cupcake is shown here.


                    Mini Bath Cupcake - $4.49 - For toddlers to age 7                  

                    Regular Size Bath Cupcake - 7.99 - Age 8 and older                            


The mini bath cupcakes are best for younger children because they bathe in shallow       water. As a child ages the water gets deeper so a bigger bath cupcake is more beneficial.  

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Kids Colors:   Items used in bath water can be made in primary colors. These colors will fade in the water making them safe              for young skin.  Any item that is applied directly to the skin such as lotions, will always be made in pastel mineral colors.


Kids Fragrances:  Bubblegum, Brownies, Strawberry Jam, Orange Creamsickle, Lemon Cupcakes,

                                      CinnaBun, Lavender Vanilla, Gingerbread, Monkey Fruit and Green Apples.

Baby Bubbles

3 butter baby soap

2 oz bath softening fizzie

Baby lotion

Baby bubble bath

Baby Body Butter

Baby  Nite, Nite Cream

Baby Nite, Nite Spray

Honestly, It's Soap!

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Baby Colors:   Any pastel color will fade even more in the bath water and will be safe for baby skin.


Baby Fragrances: Baby Powder, Baby Bee Buttermilk, Baby Love,  Milk n Honey

Goodie Bags

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